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2014/15 season update

As the 2014/15 is now in full-swing, it would seem an appropriate time for an update.

  • There are nearly 200 English footballers playing abroad professionally, or some occasions, semi-professional depending on the professional status of a country’s top football league. This figure does not include players playing in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  •  The United States has the most English ex-pats, followed by Iceland and New Zealand.
  • There are only two English players who feature in the one of the four major European leagues (Spain, Italy, Germany and France). They both play in Italy; Ashley Cole of Roma and Micah Richards of Fiorentina.
  • The majority of data of this site will be sourced from

I will hopefully be updating this site on a more regular basis now. I hope to write:

  • Weekly updates highlighting the key performers
  • Player profiles on specific players
  • Interviews with players

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