Exclusive interview with Orlando City’s Luke Boden: Part 2

Kaka? Yeah, we have met him twice…..He is so down to earth. He’s a really nice guy.

In part 2 of our exclusive Q&A with Orlando City’s Luke Boden, the Englishman chats Dom Dwyer, Adrian Heath and Kaka. Thanks again to Jhamie Chin at Orlando City for helping to conduct this Q&A.

  1. You played alongside Dom Dwyer last year, he’s another Englishman in the States. What do you think of the impact he has made in the MLS this year? Were you expecting him to be as much of a success as he has been?

Obviously playing with Dom, he is so lively. Getting up for a game, is very easy for him also. He’s lively, he’s bubbly and he’s got a lot of energy – and he’s shown that in the MLS. He doesn’t let defenders breath and when he gets his chances, he can finish. He’s a great finisher, so I did expect him to go on and do as well as he has done. He’s done great and I’m really glad for him. I think he’ll continue to do well in the MLS.

  1. Your manager is also from England. What has been like working under someone with as much experience as Adrian Heath?

It’s been great. I’ve learnt a lot from the gaffer. He said that I could play left-back and I looked at him in a weird way like, “I don’t know if I can play left-back” but he saw that in me and thankfully I started playing there and he taught me the basics of defending. It’s really good for me to have learned those things from the gaffer.

  1. How much are you looking forward to playing in the MLS next year? How are the MLS preparations going in Orlando?

When I first come over here, my aim was to play in the MLS and now I am in the MLS. My aim is to play in the first team week-in, week-out. I know it’s not going to be easy. They are going to bring players in but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Hopefully I can get in there (the first team) and play.

  1. Congratulations on making the USL Pro team of the season. How did you feel when you found out you made the side?

Being in the team of the year was great. Obviously I would have definitely swapped that for another championship but on a personal level, it’s great and I’m glad I got in there. I definitely wish we could have topped the season off by winning the championship though.

  1. And finally, have you had a chance to meet Kaka yet?

Kaka? Yeah, we have met him twice. We met him at the dinner when he signed and he came up to the training ground and I met him there as well. He is so down to earth. He’s a really nice guy. So I am really looking forward to playing with him.


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