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English Players Abroad reaches 100 posts!

I was looking forward to posting another exclusive interview but I then saw my next post would be my 100th so instead I will use this post to look back on my time posting on English Players Abroad!

First post

My very first post on this blog was on 12th December 2013. I started the blog having always been interested in English footballers who played abroad and I had previously published my first interview with Matt Jones, sadly the website I posted it on no longer seems to exist.

Next post

It was then nearly a year before I posted again as the blog become a university project. The first interview I published was with former Orlando City defender Luke Boden.

Then came regular posting for a while whilst my blogs were marked. My final university project would also be based around this blog and I received a first for my work!

Present and future

Posting has been quite sporadic in recent times but in the past month I have posted 12 exclusive interviews and I can promise you there are plenty more to come!

The stats

At the moment, the site has received just over 54,000 views and above is a breakdown on that year by year. I’m hoping to smash 2016 with this year!

These are my most viewed articles so far this year, you can see that most people land on the homepage first.

These are the stats for how many views I have had on this blog from each country since the blog started in December 2013. Big up the Scandinavia gang.

Finally, this is how people have found my site so far this year. You can see the power of social media here!

Here’s to the next 100 posts!


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